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Start Your Own Perfume Oil Business

With the Scentsational Money-Making Business Package

This package is great for those just starting out in the perfume oil business or want to expand an existing business.  Everything you need to make money is included .  The package includes a complete perfume oil product line that is loaded with our best-sellers with a retail value of more than $1,200.  This will more than double your investment .

The perfume oil business is exploding.  More and more people are recognizing the benefits of using perfume oil.  Its popularity continues to grow, creating an enormous opportunity for those who have been searching for just the right business at just the right time.

What makes Perfume Oils from Scentsational Shoppe the perfect Business?

  • Small Investment
  • Popular Products
  • Recession Proof
  • Huge Margins
  • Universal Appeal
  • Ideal for Retail
  • Perfect for Home Parties
  • New Fragrances are constantly added
  • Repeat Customers
  • Growing Market
  • FREE 1-on-1 Telephone Consultation & Support from Mr. Kay

 Here's What You Get….


  100 of our best-selling 1/3 oz. roll-on perfume oils, with a display holder $  225.00
  30 of our best-selling 1 oz. roll-on perfume oils with a display holder $  180.00
  12 different bundles of incense (each bundle contains 100 sticks) $    18.00
  12 wooden incense holders $      8.00
  12 oil burners $    24.00
  12 boxes of Tea Lite candles (each box contains 10 candles) $    12.00
  12 of our best-selling 1oz. scented burning oils  $    60.00
  5 of our best-selling 8 oz. scented lotions  $    30.00
  5 of our best-selling 8 oz. scented shower gels  $    30.00
  5 22 oz. Candles $    75.00
  5  Sets of Diffuser Reeds (4 oz. bottle, plus 12 sticks in each set) $    50.00
  12  of our best-selling soaps  $    24.00
  Total $  736.00

Special Package Price: Only $495

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