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We have more than 700 fragrances of pure Grade "A" uncut perfume oil. 

All fragrances are sold in Pure Oil and Lotions, Shower Gel, Massage Oil & Diffuser Sticks.

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       Hottest Fragrances

  #467 212 by Car. Herrera -type (W)
  #311 3121 Prince-type (W)
  #478 360 Red-type (W)
  #215 360 Degrees-type (W)
  #304 5th Avenue-type (W)
  #370 A Touch of Pink-type (W)
  #344 Acqua Di Gio-type (W)
  #1001 Adolpho-type (W)
  #607 Addict-type (W)
  #48 Alien-type (W)
  #296 Allure-type (W)
  #179 Amarige-type (W)
  #181 Amazing Grace (Philosophy)-type
  #112 Amber Romance-type (W)
  #624 Amor Amor-type (W)
  #2 Anais Anais-type (W)
  #208 Angel-type (W)
  #285 Animale-type (W)
  #97 Anne Klein lI-type (W)

     Top Selling Incense

  INC172  *Calyx-type
  INC237  *Casmir-type
  INC174  *Cool Water-type
  INC333  *Dolce Gabanna (men)-type
  INC303  *Gaultier (men)-type
  INC62   *Opium-type
  INC272  *Tommy(men)-type
  INC167  *White Diamonds-type
  INC13   African Flowers
  INC93   Baby Powder
  INC32   Banana
  INC7   Blue Nile
  INC319  Blueberry
  INC490  Caribbean Breeze

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