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Overall Rating: 98.51%
Average Rating: 9.85/10
This is my first time ordering Perfume Oils® from your company although I've ordered other items you offer before. I must say this as I've ordered plenty of fragrance oils from another company who promised theirs was "uncut" & "pure", doesn't stand up or come close to comparison as being a High Grade A Pure Perfume Oil as yours. Your Perfume Oils® by far are the best! Your products speak for themselves in all Truth and Honesty and for that I've become a loyal customer! Please continue to add more new fragrances so I can continue to make more purchases with you!
Frannie J
Great quality! Fast shipping!!
Christine Hines
I love the quality of the oils. The scents are fantastic and you smell the oils all day. Only place to buy quality oils.
Christine Hines
I have some of the original colognes, so to compare them--they smell very close. Some of the oils last longer than others, though. I am going to purchase some Creed, L'Nuit de L'Homme, and other expensive oils to try them out!
Chuck P.
This Is By Far The Best Oil I Have Ever Tried.It Lasts 24 Hrs & Everyone Noticed It That Has A Nose. This Is My Second Time Placing An Ordering. My Favorite Scent Is Ed Hardy Born Wild Women Omg It's
L Banks

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