Overall Rating: 98.46%
Average Rating: 9.85/10
Great 5 Start Aroma! Your "595 Inspired by *Clive Christian No. 1 {men}" smells much better than Original Clive Christian No. 1 Perfume. I would say your Clive Christian No. 1 2001 + 2018 more modern version of smell. Thank You for Perfecting your Perfume Oil.
Serge T.
Love these oils they are amazing, I have original perfumes that I ordered oils for, these are just as good , I have ordered twice so far, very happy.
Fantastic prices, I will never buy from Department store again after this.
I am Sold.
You Perfume Oils® are so Great with High Quality, that I don't buy colognes in store or online anymore. Plus mostly cheap colognes are not fresh, with a lot of alcohol and other toxic chemicals added. You Oil lasts the longest. God Bless your Company.
Just recieved my oils....What can I say but"Awesome smelling"..The presentation of the bottles is very professional,just a class act compared to other companies i have dealt with!!!
I have purchased and sold your oils many years ago. Outstanding!!! Top of the line. Not at all diluted, exceptional quality. I will order again, and have told others about your company. Keep up Good work !!!1

Lisa Kluttz

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