Overall Rating: 98.52%
Average Rating: 9.85/10
I have been a customer since 2014 and I have loved every oil I have got. These are the only oils I have bought in the last 20 years that last all day. My top 3 oils are Spicebomb, PI, Blue Sugar. You can’t go work with SCENTSATIONAL SHOPPE.
Jon Johnson
Your oils are the best in quality than the department stores, Never paying high department store prices again! I love how I walk in a room and I'm the "scent" of attraction!! Love it!!
Ms Beverly
Great 5 Start Aroma! Your "595 Inspired by *Clive Christian No. 1 {men}" smells much better than Original Clive Christian No. 1 Perfume. I would say your Clive Christian No. 1 2001 + 2018 more modern version of smell. Thank You for Perfecting your Perfume Oil.
Serge T.
Love these oils they are amazing, I have original perfumes that I ordered oils for, these are just as good , I have ordered twice so far, very happy.
Fantastic prices, I will never buy from Department store again after this.
I am Sold.
You Perfume Oils® are so Great with High Quality, that I don't buy colognes in store or online anymore. Plus mostly cheap colognes are not fresh, with a lot of alcohol and other toxic chemicals added. You Oil lasts the longest. God Bless your Company.

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