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Overall Rating: 98.51%
Average Rating: 9.85/10
Your perfume oils are spot on the original scents! I’m totally sold on your products and will only buy from your company.
Katrina K.
I had a problem with my shipment i contacted the flokes at perfumeoils and it was resolved in an expeditiously manner.
Thanks again
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson
I ordered a few perfume oils after my seeing them at my aunt's house, and I am more than satisfied. The shipping was fast and everything smells amazing!! I will be ordering more!
The best quality Oil sold at Scentsational Shoppe. I love their oils and have received many compliments. Thank you for staying with quality.
J. Livingston
JoAnn Livingston, RLG
I ordered the square glass bottles with droppers and some with rollers and I am so pleased with my items! They are of great quality and are so beautiful. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future. Shipping was also very fast considering that most businesses are closed at the moment, which was a plus because I really needed them.

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