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Mr. Kay's Perfume Oil Observations

Important note:
Perfume oils, fragrance oils, cologne oils and body oils are used interchangeably, since the public interprets all three terms to mean the same thing. This article uses these terms to mean oils that are meant for the body and not for any other use.

I recently did a search on the Internet for perfume oils, body oils, etc. I could not believe how many companies are listed. I remember when I started out back in the mid-seventies, there was no one selling body oils, and most people didn't know what they were. Back then, people thought they were imitations or some inferior duplication. Now, body oils are a mainstream product and are growing in popularity each day. I won't judge other companies but I believe there are only a few companies selling Grade "A" oils (note: this term was coined by me in 1998 and many have copied my description ever since). What I did find was that many of these companies are claiming that they have the best oils, or that they are #1 on the web. Some have no phone numbers, no address or other crucial information, or are open only a few hours a day. So here I am thinking, "How can someone new to the concept of perfume oils be confident that they are getting a good buy for their money?" They could be faced with a horrible situation in which they spend money and are disappointed to find that they are getting products that are sub-par. The only way one can tell if they are receiving quality oils are to try them on.  There is no other way. Looking at it, shaking for bubbles, seeing how thick it is, or holding it to the light are all methods that are a waste of time and ineffective. All perfume oils have three notes, what you smell on your body immediately is the first note, 15 minutes to 30 minutes after putting it on your skin is the second note, and the final note, which takes about 2 hours, is what can be considered the actual scent that is produced on your skin.  Excellent quality body oils will reveal themselves over time. Time is the best indicator, and customers will come back for more, and a reputation will be earned and built.

When looking on the Internet, I made another observation: some companies sell two different grades of oil. Wow, now that's a red flag! That is equivalent to eating at a restaurant that has two different grades of food (which, of course, you would never find). A good, reputable company sells one grade and that grade should be the absolute best quality. Another clever technique that other companies use is selling the oils at high end price, i.e. $120-$200 an ounce, claiming it to be the most natural, purest and best grade on the market. Of course, everyone is entitled to a living and there is a market for everyone, but even the best Grade "A" perfume oils at retail prices should not be that high.

 So the best advice to everyone that I would offer is to buy small at first to test the oils or see if you can request or buy samples to compare. Now some companies will not do this for numerous reasons, so use your best judgment. Also, ask around or read comments and blogs on the net to see which companies are selling the best quality body oils. Like everything else in life, eventually you will find the best company.

Enjoy your adventure and hopefully everyone makes good scents.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and ideas provided in this blog are the opinion of the writer.  This blog does not serve to do anything other than offer advice to the consumer.
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